Do you buy items in bulk?

Buying in bulk usually saves money. Do you buy items in bulk? There is more to the process than simply buying large quantities of your favorite products. Knowing how to buy bulk products will save you the most money.

Unit Price
Pay attention to the unit price when buying in bulk. Many times, larger packages of a product actually cost more per unit than smaller packages.

Divide the price by the number of items in the package to determine how much you’re paying for each one.

Tracking Prices
Keep track of the prices of your favorite household products and groceries. A notebook with a sheet for each store you frequent is one way to organize the information.

Stock up when the price is low, even if you don’t need a produce at the time. If canned green beans are offered at the lowest price you’ve seen, grab several cans to save for future use.

Expiration Dates
Note the expiration dates of items when buying in bulk. A great price on a gigantic bottle of vitamins or pain reliever is only a good deal if you’ll consume it all before it expires.

Designate a stockpile location for the bulk items you buy. Put all of the extras in the storage area to reduce the clutter in the cupboards in your kitchen and bathroom.

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