Ship and Save

Passengers who have luggage that exceeds airlines size and weight limits will score the biggest savings. With most airlines charging for checked luggage, consider shipping it ahead. The key is to ship your luggage a few days BEFORE your flight so that it arrives at your destination when you do. Another benefit is you won’t have to wait in long lines at the airport to check your bags. And if you have small children, you will be a lot less stressed.

One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure!

How do you like to shop at thrift shops or yard sales? Some people have the misconception that only poor people go to yard sales. Agree? Aside from saving money, yard sale shopping helps the environment, since you don’t get all that excess packaging. You also find unique items you can’t just pick up at any stores.

Location, location, location.
Yard sales and thrift stores in upscale neighborhoods often have higher quality, brand-name merchandise.

At yard sales, if you snooze, you lose.
Show up for yard sales as soon as they open for business—maybe even a bit earlier.Otherwise, you might miss out on some bargains.

Shop early in the week at thrift stores for the best selection.
Many people drop off donated merchandise over the weekend, and it’s put out for sale at the start of the workweek.

Haggling is in.
Don’t be afraid to ask for lower prices on items at yard sales or thrift stores; many times, prices are negotiable.

Leave your number.
If you see an item at a yard sale andthe owner says he or she isn’t willing to meet your price, leave yourname and phone number. This way, the owner can contact you when thesale is over.

Try before you buy.
Yard salesand thrift stores rarely allow you to return merchandise after you’vepurchased it, so try on the clothing, test the appliances, measure thefurniture, and inspect all merchandise carefully before you buy.

Deals on office supplies.
Thriftstores are often a great place to find quality, used office equipmentand computers, since many businesses are image conscious and donateequipment as soon as it becomes the least bit dated.

Try consignment as an option.
Consignment or resale shops are stores where individuals sell theirused items and split the proceeds with the shop owners.

Big bargains at church and charity sales.
Yardsales sponsored by churches and other charities often have betterprices than privately operated yard sales, since these are intended tobe fundraisers, and the goal is to sell everything.

Look out for sales and promotions.
Many thrift stores have a sale day every week, so be sure to ask.