Save The Wax in Your Candles

How would you like to save the wax in your candles? There’s actually a pretty neat trick that doesn’t allow you to spend extra money on those candle toppers from candle stores. Do you know that saving the wax in your candles burn longer? It’s correct! If you have a candle and just burn it normal you will notice all the wax build up on the sides of the jar. The fire got to the wic faster and it burns faster.

Just follow these simple instructions on how to save the wax in your candles. All you need is candle and butter knife:

– Light your candle and let it burn like normal. You can use any candle you want it works with all wax candles.

– When you are done with your candle blow it out and let it set up a bit.

– Take your knife and run it around the outside of the candle and fold the wax down a bit to the center. That’s it the wax will fold down on its own and meld into the rest of the candle so the next time you light your candle it will burn even, the same as when you have one of the toppers on it.

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